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Elizabeth Hurwitt

Alexander Technique Teacher in NYC

Proprietor, betterATbeing


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about the Alexander Technique

See a brief description of Alexander Technique; visit these links for lots more information on AT's origins, history and founder, F.M. Alexander, as well as the worldwide activities of AT organizations

about betterATbeing

betterATbeing/Alexander Techniquemy practice, what benefits are possible, how the teaching is conducted, and affordable pricing options 

about me - Elizabeth Hurwitt

More about me, my AT training background, and my approach to teaching

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AT is an experiential process. Taking a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON will answer a lot of questions. Scroll down to email, or call (646) 208-0187 to set up a a lesson with Elizabeth / betterATbeing AT / NYC

betterATbeing /Alexander Technique - poise yourself for growth


AT helps you be your best self;

it's a mind-body method that helps you perform at your best; helping you sideline bad habits, undue tension, chronic pain; to attain your full stature, balance and well-being;


to guide yourself upward;

freeing your breath, your movements, and your voice; maintaining mindfulness in activity and poise in challenging circumstances;

enlivening your senses; quieting your thoughts, renewing your energy;


to let yourself be.

Let betterATbeing introduce you to Alexander Technique, a practical method for better functioning.

Lessons are affordable;

what you learn is invaluable.

Elizabeth Hurwitt, AT instructor, NYC

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