age gracefully

Active, happy older woman.

keep moving, keep growing

  • As we grow older, it’s easy to lose our stature, balance, and mobility, and the confidence that goes with them. The best thing we can do to stay well as we age is to keep moving – but if we become fearful of falling, we grow reluctant to move. And the less we move, the less we can move. Alexander Technique can make all the difference between limiting ourselves or becoming more capable and self-assured.

know your way around

  • Alexander Technique promotes healthful aging by helping us continue to stay upright and active over time. Alexander lessons awaken and train our proprioception – our understanding of where we are in space. It can make a big difference in how we navigate our surroundings to maintain a healthy stance, gait and perspective on our own abilities, meeting the challenges of activity with good judgment and self-assurance.

look forward to each day with Alexander Technique

  • AT work is stimulating mentally and physically, without being unreasonably taxing for an older body. And there is always something more to learn, try, and put to use in our daily lives.

  • F.M. Alexander once advised an elderly student, “Make sure you’ve always got something to look forward to.” Alexander Technique can help us look forward to things ahead, wherever our next steps may lead us.