stand up to anxiety

Anxious, depressed woman.

find relief from anxiety

  • Anxiety is dangerous.
  • Anxiety underlies 99% of alcoholics' drinking disorders.
  • Anxiety is associated with depressive disorder over 75% of the time.
  • Anxiety adversely affects the nervous system in micromolecular ways that increase inflammation, amplify pain and accelerate health problems such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar, leading to poor circulation and organ damage.

do better under stress

  • Alexander Technique can teach you how to lower stress from the inside out. You can use your AT skills to stop reacting to stressors with self-defeating tensing and holding, reactions that give anxiety a lock on your spirit. AT can help you quiet your reactions and choose healthier behaviors - moment to moment and over the long term.

engage fully in life

  • Anti-anxiety medications and other clinically directed treatment are often indicated and effective for anxiety, so consulting your doctor is very important. It is critical for long-term health to address the underlying cause of the problem and prevent the cascade of negative effects on the body that chronic anxiety can unleash. 

  • Practicing Alexander Technique is a great tool for breaking the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression. AT can help you reclaim your wholeness and integrity when anxiety threatens to distort your perspective and disrupt your life.