lift your voice


a method first conceived by, and for, the vocal professional

Learning Alexander Technique helps speakers and singers achieve a richer, fuller sound, and greater ease and reliability of vocal production. The Technique was discovered, developed by and named for F.M. Alexander, an actor who in the 1890s set out to find the source of the vocal problems that were threatening his stage career.

The root of the trouble, revealed through painstaking  experiment, was excessive muscular tension - and the seemingly intractable behavioral habits that cause it. Alexander devised his Technique as a practical method for recognizing and overcoming these pernicious habits. To this day, no more effective means exists for freeing vocal artists from harmful self-constriction.

actors and singers rely on AT

Alexander Technique is currently part of the curriculum in nearly every professional conservatory of acting and singing worldwide, including Great Britain's Royal Conservatory of Music and The Juilliard School in New York City. Actors and singers who study the technique learn to avoid the habits that impair breathing, pitch quality and timbre.

Relieved of excessive tension, there is nothing to stop vocal artists  from drawing from their own deepest resources of expression. Entering the moment, stage fright recedes. For many great performers, AT is a "secret weapon."

free yourself to sing

If you are a vocal professional, you may wish to study AT regularly and seriously. It will soon become the primary way for you to understand, use and care for the instrument you cannot do without: you.

AT can help you to find your own authentic voice, and keep it healthy and vibrant, throughout your performance, your career and your life.