lift your voice


a method first developed for vocal professionals

F.M. Alexander, the originator of Alexander Technique, was an actor who developed the principals of the Technique in his quest to solve his vocal problems by observing himself in multiple mirrors while attempting to recite. Over a long period of constant experiment, Alexander made ground-breaking discoveries. He recovered his voice - and developed a mind-body method that brings about awareness of the subconscious habits of excess muscular tension that interfere with postural support, movement and breathing. Alexander Technique (AT) prevents and transforms these habits. 

actors and singers rely on AT

Alexander Technique is taught in nearly every professional conservatory of acting and singing, including Great Britain's Royal Conservatory of Music and The Juilliard School in New York City. Actors and singers who study the technique learn to avoid the habits of excessive tensing that impair breathing, pitch quality and timbre. Relieved of excessive tension, performing artists find there is nothing to stop them from drawing freely from their own deepest resources of expression - and the power of this freedom can banish the pangs of stage fright. For many great performers AT is a "secret weapon."

eliminating excess tension frees and revitalizes your singing

Vocal professionals who pursue AT regularly and seriously, it is the primary way to understand, use and care for the instrument you cannot do without: you.

AT can help you to find your own authentic voice, and keep it healthy and vibrant, throughout your performance, your career and your life.