lift your voice


a method first developed for vocal professionals

F.M. Alexander, the originator of Alexander Technique, was an actor who developed the principals of the technique in his quest to solve his vocal problems. Alexander found himself becoming horse and noisily sucking in air - in the middle of important performances. Doctors couldn't help. So he set about finding the answer by observing himself in a series of mirrors while attempting to vocalize.

Alexander discovered that to free his voice, he must free his neck, head, back and limbs by stopping himself from tensing and stiffening - and by deliberately choosing to free his own musculature through a series of self-instructive "directions." He fully recovered his vocal capabilities - and he eventually devoted himself exclusively to teaching his technique, at first to other respected actors and singers. His teaching was also sought out by some of the most important medical, literary and intellectual figures of his time, including the author Aldous Huxley, playwright George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Sir Charles Sherrington and American educator John Dewey.

actors and singers rely on AT

Alexander Technique is taught in nearly every professional conservatory of acting and singing, including Great Britain's Royal Conservatory of Music and The Juilliard School in New York City. Actors and singers who study the technique find that it improves their breathing, vocal capacity and vocal quality, while improving their overall expressiveness  onstage, and reducing or eliminating stage fright. For many remarkable performers AT is their "secret weapon."

keeping the voice healthy

By learning and practicing AT as part of your vocal regimen, the voice will remain unstrained and healthier over time. Whatever your vocal gifts, AT will enable you to better develop and preserve them, throughout your performance, your career and your life.