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  • You save money with betterATbeing/Alexander Technique. To promote this new practice, fees are the lowest you will find anywhere for a qualified AmSAT-certified teacher.
  • Discount packages of two or more lessons per week will speed your progress and give you further savings.
  • One lesson per week is the minimum recommended. We absorb AT work best through frequent repetition. 

anyone can benefit

  • Actors, singers, dancers, athletes and people recovering from injury are among those most likely to seek help from Alexander Technique. But all of us can benefit from AT to be and do well in all our life activities, whether we are running a competitive business or a marathon, changing a diaper or a tire, putting out a fire or the cat.
  • Alexander Technique teaches us a skill set that facilitates the way we carry out all the tasks involved in being ourselves. 
  • As we hone these skills, the more able we become, and chronic pain, discomfort, and frustration can be minimized or avoided.

not easy, but simple

  • No special equipment or attire is required for Alexander learning — just teacher and student in comfortable clothing; a table, a chair and a mirror.
  • Over the course of your lessons the insights and aptitudes you develop permit you to overcome harmful habits, breaking a lifelong personal pattern of doing things the hard way.
  • Unlearning your pattern takes practice and patience. But the process gradually frees you to carry out activities, whether momentous or mundane, with greater ease and satisfaction, and much less wear and tear.

experiential learning

  • In your lessons with betterATbeing / Alexander Technique you will learn to pay special attention to the relationship between your head, neck, back and limbs, practicing your powers of observation and intention.
  • Your teacher will lead you through some new kinesthetic experiences so you will know what positive change is possible, and how to effect that change.   
  • With study you will acquire a more accurate appreciation of your own body’s three-dimensional presence and movement in space, and of yourself in relation to gravity and time. 

becoming your best self

  • Student and teacher collaborate closely in Alexander learning. Your participation in the process is vital. The teacher's verbal guidance and gentle touch, and your direction (your self-guided thinking) set the process in motion.
  • With your teacher's help, you will learn to reorganize your use (the operation of the whole pyscho-physical system that is you) to function optimally. 
  • With time and practice, you will integrate improved use into your daily life. With better use, whatever you do can be done more efficiently and pleasurably, with less strain and fatigue.  

stop letting habit stop you

  • The benefits of AT increase with every minute you invest in practicing it. As you improve, you will learn to resist habitual debilitating reactions to internal and external stimuli, and make new, more effective choices.
  • These changes and more are made possible by the positive affect of AT on general functioning: better balance, breathing, circulation, digestion, mood and clarity of mind.


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