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AT's origins, history and more

Visit The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique for a full compendium on the Technique, its practice and the organizations devoted to its teaching. Also see Wikipedia for a synopsis of AT's origins with founder F.M. Alexander, as well as AT's further history and its many applications.

Walter Carrington's AT training legacy

The Constructive Teaching Centre in London carries on Walter Carrington's training for teachers of Alexander Technique, a continuation of F.M. Alexander's own teacher training.

AT and The Study of the Self

For extensive neuroscientific,  philosophical, and educational context of Alexander Technique, visit the site for the Dimon Institute where AT is uniquely explored as a basis for The Study of the Self. Recommended: Ted Dimon's Anatomy of Directing.

AmSAT - The American Society for the Alexander Technique

The USA's professional association of Alexander Technique teachers.