What is Alexander Technique?

  • AT is a 125-year-old method any of us can use to better negotiate our relationship with gravity, so that we can meet and match this universal force downward with an energy flow upward from within. 
  • AT’s positive influence on posture and functioning is supported by modern neuroscience. It’s not magic. It's a set of teachable skills.
  • Toddlers typically exhibit an innate upward orientation in posture and movement until they begin adapting to grownup behaviors. This upward tendency is steadily, unconsciously compromised by habitual tension and stress response patterns as we grow older. 
  • Though we have no direct awareness of this gradual impairment as it occurs, part of our negative experience of aging is due to the ongoing effects of unfortunate habits causing us to pull ourselves down.
  • Our natural ability to go up can be reestablished with instruction on avoiding the habits of excessive and unnecessary tension common to virtually all adults.
  • Learning Alexander Technique reacquaints us with our own anti-gravity dynamic, teaching us to bring it into play in all we do, so that we can function better and feel better.
  • There are few life activities or conditions that won’t be improved by having this energy within us well-directed. AT is widely popular with
    • actors, singers and instrumentalists
    • athletes and equestrians
    • those recovering from injury or managing chronic pain
    • people suffering from stage fright or anxiety
    • people with breathing disorders
    • seniors seeking better balance, agility and confidence; and many others
  • AT is a great personal resource to practice and develop, bringing with it a resilience and flexibility that adds to the joy of living.

If you would like to study AT, I would be pleased to become your teacher.

Elizabeth Hurwitt

AT Instructor, betterATbeing

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