What is Alexander Technique?

  • Alexander Technique (AT) is a mind-body method that brings about awareness of the subconscious habits and patterns that interfere with postural support, movement and breathing.
  • Studying the technique prevents and transforms these habits, promoting an improved use of the body while performing daily activities.
  • People who have studied Alexander Technique have experienced relief from chronic pain and discomfort, improved breathing and voice production, and greater ease of movement.
  •  AT is used by
    • actors, singers and instrumentalists
    • athletes and equestrians
    • those recovering from injury or managing chronic pain
    • people suffering from stage fright or anxiety
    • people with breathing disorders
    • seniors seeking better balance, agility and confidence
    • individuals seeking to improve or explore themselves
  • AT is a great personal resource to practice and develop, bringing with it a resilience and flexibility that adds to the joy of living.

If you would like to study AT, I would be pleased to become your teacher.

Elizabeth Hurwitt

AT Instructor, betterATbeing

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