AT skills are an occupational asset


what you do can hurt you

  • If you work in an office, you probably feel pulled down by working at a computer. You hunch over. You forget to take breaks. You forget to breathe. And the way you feel affects the way you feel about your work.

  • Certain professions are particularly likely to be hard on the body, requiring long hours in difficult postures. Dentists, surgeons, videographers, plumbers and many others will tell you that their routine leaves them sore and stiff at the end of the day.

but what are your options?

  • Just giving up the challenging activity isn’t an option – it's crucial to the task at hand, to the people you serve, and to making your living. Feeling you have no choice besides tolerating the discomfort can add stress to the daily experience of work itself.

  • How can you take care of business and take care of yourself?

AT can help you enjoy your work and excel at it

  • Whatever you do professionally, Alexander Technique can offer strategic alternatives for working smarter.

  • Using AT, you can maintain mindfulness in activity – minimizing or eliminating pain and enhancing the quality of your performance on the job.