about Elizabeth

my AT training

  • I trained for 3 years (1600 hours) with Tom Vasiliades, Director of The Center for Alexander Technique - NYC. 

  • Carrington is revered for preserving and communicating the principles established by F.M. Alexander, AT's founder, taught into the present at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London.

  • This profoundly effective way of teaching emphasizes the engagement of the postural muscles via the body's elastic, opposing pulls. It promotes a widening as well as a lengthening of the back, freeing the rib cage for deep and natural breathing.

why I teach AT

  • I prize the mindful awareness that AT cultivates, and the skills it teaches for becoming healthier, happier, and more at home in myself. It's a joy to share these benefits with others.

  • Teaching helps me continue my own learning experience. Every lesson is a new conversation between my nervous system and my pupil's. I acquire new understanding of the work each time I share what I know.

  • AT is uplifting, literally and figuratively. My AT certification is a license and obligation to practice expert care, which begins with taking care of myself.

other background

  • I come from Northern California, and earned a BA in English Literature from UC Santa Cruz. 

  • From there I moved to NYC's Upper West Side, joined a church chorus, and shared a choir loft with trained singers and actors. To help improve my vocal abilities, I took my first AT lessons with Pamela Anderson.

  • Ultimately I made a career in performing arts management, including 13 years as Executive Director of New York Festival of Song. 

  • Today, in addition to teaching AT, I serve as Development Director of Copland House, a creative center for American music based in Aaron Copland's historic home in Cortlandt Manor, New York.

  • I live in lower Manhattan with my husband Elliott Hurwitt, a music historian.

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